Registration of firms in Hong Kong

Now our services in registration of the company (offshore) in Hong Kong cost only 1000 USD!

It is known that for many domestic businessmen the offshore is today the favorable tool for expansion of borders of the business, for taxation and order optimization by assets. Offshore firms are created in zones with a tax-exempt or preferential tax mode. One of the most popular offshore is an offshore Hong Kong.

Hong Kong isn't purely offshore zone, it is the zone of offshore type having all advantages of the "blank" offshore (lack of need of payment of taxes, in the absence of receiving profit in Hong Kong, lack of currency control, simplicity and fast registration of registration of the company, etc.), however thus need of regular submission of the reporting and placement for prestigious international financial center does the Hong Kong companies in the opinion of business partner, various government bodies, more "white" and reliable.

Establishing the offshore in Hong Kong, it is necessary to consider that its registration consists of the following stages:

- approval of a company name which you choose,
- sending documentation to the Registrar of the Companies for firm registration,
- registration in tax department with obtaining the certificate about business registration,
- opening of the bank account.

We provide you the legal address and the secretary.

Term of opening of the bank account depends on the concrete chosen bank (on the average 2-4 weeks). When opening bank accounts personal presence of directors of firm is necessary.

After obtaining the certificate on company registration in Hong Kong, it is required to prepare the following document (registration will take about 3 days):

  • production of the seals;
  • printing of the Charter and Foundation agreement;
  • certificates of actions;
  • registrations of the certificate on registration of activity (Business Registration Certificate);

Visit to Hong Kong for signing of corporate documents and opening of the account should be planned for 8 days after providing documents for company registration in Hong Kong.

Registering the offshore in Hong Kong, and opening the offshore account, it is necessary to pay attention to some features:

Unfortunately, in Hong Kong the guaranteed possibility of opening of the bank account isn't present. The situation depends on nationality of the director/founder (to Russians and residents of the CIS (including Ukraine) open heavier, to residents of Western Europe, the USA - open easier), degrees of readiness of documents on confirmation of the address of the director/founder and business confirmation (already existing and connected with the director/founder of the new Hong Kong company). Also frequent requirement became need of possession English or Chinese the director of the company (for direct communication with the manager of bank).

By good preparation of documents - chances rather high (especially if the director/founder has already an open account in large international bank, from where it is possible to provide a statement of the account).

It is also possible to open the account in the Chinese bank where open offshore accounts for the Hong Kong companies (for example, Ping An Bank, Merchants Bank of China), and Baltic banks (Aizkraukles Banka, Rietumu). The probability of opening of the account in these banks in everyday occurrences is almost guaranteed.

The main lack of the Chinese banks - lack of possibility of direct cashing in of funds from the account (only by transfer to the account of the individual in China). The main lack of Baltic banks - need of annual providing the apostle documents of the company (that raises the price of the cost of the annual maintenance of the company on some hundred US dollars). 

Terms of opening of accounts: in the Chinese banks - on the average weeks 4-5, in Baltic banks - on the average 1-2 weeks (on condition of full readiness of documents for account opening). 

The help in verification of documents and consultation on questions of opening of the account, on condition of the order of registration of the Hong Kong company at us, appears free of charge.

Requirements on deposit introduction (from which the bank commissions for opening the account and who after introduction and removal of the bank commissions for opening of the account can dispose at own discretion will be removed): in Hong Kong banks - about 1000-1500 US dollars, in a Chinese banks - 10 000 US dollars, in the Baltic banks - No.

Proceeding from the aforesaid, it is possible to conclude that the offshore in Hong Kong is, perhaps, one of the most effective and favorable offshore tools for business in the Asian markets.

Specification on company registration in Hong Kong:


1. Lack of taxes for the Hong Kong companies conducting activity and getting profit outside Hong Kong (collecting times a year + need of a message accounting is paid only and to pass audit of times a year)

2. Lack of currency and customs control, lack of currency restrictions

3. possibility of use of own Hong Kong company in various schemes of foreign economic activity for optimization of expenses, as the buffer between the real resident owner of the state with high level of the taxation, currency and customs control, and partners of the company
4. Stability, reliability and prestigious of jurisdiction as one of the largest world financial centers

5. ease and speed of process of registration: from you the passport copy (it is possible to send by e-mail), term of an establishment of a company – two and a half weeks, personal presence for registration of the company it isn't required (however presence it can be demanded if you want to open the account in the Hong Kong bank) is required only

6. The company can be registered on one person (the director and the shareholder in one person)

7. Lack of need of payment of authorized capital (authorized capital is declared only on paper)

8. Possibility of use of services of nominal directors and shareholders (with concealment of information on the real owner)

9. When opening account in one of the Hong Kong banks – reliability and convenience of management of the account on the Internet

10. for Russians: lack of need of registration of the visa to Hong Kong (for example, for opening of the bank account) – entrance visa-free

11. opportunity to open one or several offshore bank accounts in any bank of the world, providing service of opening of offshore accounts (Baltic, Chinese continental banks and so forth)

12. Convenience of use of the Hong Kong company to investment to continental China or for representation establishment on continental

China: the simplified legalization of constituent documents of the company, lack of need of translation of documents and so forth.


1. In the presence of activity - need of maintaining accounting reports and passing of audit of times a year

2. In the absence of activity – need of submission of the zero reporting (times in three years)

Use examples

  • when conducting foreign economic activity
  • For conducting intermediary activity
  • As the holding company for the subsequent registration of the company or representation opening on continental China
  • conducting Internet business and so forth.

Necessary materials and data for company registration

  • copy (scan copies) of the passport
  • if owners or directors a little – besides copies of passports, information on the one who is founders of the company, about distribution of actions in a percentage ratio, and also information on the one who will be a director (or directors) the companies
  • Information on the address of a constant residence of directors and founders

Registration terms

  • Registration of the new company: approximately 2,5 weeks (not including time for transfer of documents if you are outside the People's Republic of China)
  • Expenses on registration and the maintenance of the company • registration and service for the 1st year – USD 1000/year
  • Since the second year: the sum of annual charge for extension of the company and service – USD 850/year (on condition of lack of change of the sum of state collecting).
  • Also since the second year: accounting service and audit – USD 150/year (submission of the zero tax declaration) time in 3-4 years, or accounting and carrying out audit from USD 850/year (depending on a quantity of transactions and a turn). And also submission of the sheet of the employer – at a request tax authorities (time in 2-3 years) 80 USD.
  • When using nominal service services of the nominal director - USD250/time in a year and/or service of the nominal shareholder - USD250/time in a year (total annually - USD500) are in addition paid. Note: between face values and the beneficiary the trust declaration and the nominal agreement according to which the property right to the company admits for the beneficiary and where registers is signed that face values don't bear responsibility for company activity