Residence permit in Europe

Our company suggests you to acquire real estate in Lithuania, Germany and other European Union countries at very attractive prices.

We are ready to assist in opening of firms for receiving the residence permit (RP) and the help in receiving and RP extension in the Republic of Lithuania.

The Republic of Lithuania is the hospitable, beautiful, pure and original European country being the real oasis of rest in Europe in which all conditions for tourism and population life are created. Republic of Lithuania is the member of NATO (with 2004), EU (with 2004), the WTO, and the UN.

Not a secret that the visa is necessary for entry into Lithuania (as well as to other countries of the Schengen agreement). Real estate purchase in Lithuania or Germany allows receiving the Schengen multi visa.

To receive residence permit in Lithuania, it is enough to register the local company. For this purpose it is, however, better to have own real estate, there is enough even the room.


  • Firm opening in "all inclusive" Lithuania – 1000 euros (personal presence isn't obligatory, the notarial power of attorney is necessary).
  • The help in residence permit registration in Lithuania (RP) – 600 euros (The registered firm is for this purpose necessary and existence though is desirable for any real estate).

Personal presence at migratory service is obligatory.

Duty on consideration of documents on residence permit - 300 litas (less than 100 euros). It is also necessary to have 3000 euros (a post of submission of documents it is possible to dispose of them at discretion, it isn't necessary to hold them on the account) on bank account.

Thus, LEGALLY to receive residence permit in Lithuania and to have opportunity without the visa and without restrictions to move on all European Union countries, to have real estate (cost from 2000 euros!) and firm in Lithuania, to you will manage for only 3700 euros!

You will be able to buy cars in Europe at the European prices, to register them in Lithuania and to move everywhere without paying in a vehicle tax (in its Lithuania doesn't exist)!

You will be able to carry out commercial activities for all Europe. Tax payments will be minimum!

You and your children can get free of charge an education and medical care in Europe!

You and your children can quietly live in the safe and environmentally friendly country of Europe!